Over 20 years of dental manufacturing experience

Dental Sciences LLC. is a specialty dental manufacturing company that continues
to expand its product portfolio.


The Basics

dental devices and infection control products

Dental Sciences LLC. is a state-of-the-art dental manufacturing company that specializes in dental devices and infection control products. Our mission is to design, develop, and manufacture dental products that excel in safety and functionality by implementing up-to-date science and technology. Our company was established in 2019 and is located in Texas. All design, development, and manufacturing is done in the USA.

Why Do We Do It?


The Dental Sciences’ team have over twenty years of experience in the dental market. In those twenty years, we have seen some product categories improve, while others have stagnated. The categories that have stagnated, in most cases, are the products and devices that are used every day for every treatment. Times change, technology improves, and science institutes new ideas on how to make things safer.

Yet with all the technological advances and scientific improvements, we have yet to see changes in devices and products that are used every day on every patient. Knowing patients are being treated with outdated products, in some cases, over 40 years of no improvements, left us questioning why these manufacturers have done nothing. Instead of waiting another 5, 10, 15 years for improvements, we decided to make the improvements ourselves.



Our Product Gaurantee

With our products, safety is standard.

Our team of professionals consist of designers, category leaders, and manufacturing experts. Together, we have built our company with the sole focus of developing new technologies and products that will improve antiquated designs to ensure it meets the ever-changing infection control regulations.

As new bacteria and diseases are discovered, products should be re-evaluated to ensure the latest in science and technology are applied. With our products, safety is standard. We do not manufacture products that have safety “add-ons” or supplemental equipment needed. We take the time to research, evaluate, and implement all safety features that coincide with the latest technology and science.

When you buy a Dental Sciences LLC. product, you can rest assured that you are receiving a product you will love for the functionality but want for the safety.